Defibtech Lifeline AED

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Defibtech Lifeline AED is Lightweight, fully integrated design with no lids or moving parts that would confuse or delay a rescue; a roomy handle big enough even for gloved hands, and rubberized surfaces to ensure a sure grip in an emergency.

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      Our Intermediate Bleeding Control Kit with C-A-T Tourniquet provides the lay responder with battlefield-tested tools to stop life threatening traumatic blood loss. Includes all of the contents of our Standard kit along with a pair of chest seals, all arranged in a red rip-stop nylon rapidly deployable zippered pack:

      - C-A-T; Combat Application Tourniquet; Gen-7 (1)
      - HyFin Compact Chest Seal Twin-Pack (1)
      - 6" Emergency Trauma Dressing (1)
      - Compressed Wound-Packing Gauze 4.5" x 4.1 yds (2)
      - Trauma Shears 7.25" (1)
      - Survival Blanket 51" x 82" (1)
      - Large Nitrile Gloves (2 pairs)
      - Permanent Marker (1)
      - Instruction Sheet (1)

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The Defibtech Lifeline AED is Simple, clear and straightforward. There are only two-buttons on the unit, a green button to turn the unit on and a red one to shock the patient, if needed.

Clear Voice Prompts
A calm voice leads the user with the Defibtech Lifeline AED through the rescue, clearly and concisely stating each instruction, one step at a time. Brightly lit progress lights provide clear visual text guidance to reinforce voice instructions.

Long Life Battery
Two long life batteries are available with the Defibtech Lifeline AED: a 5 year battery that will deliver 125 shocks or work continuously for 8 hours or a 7 year battery, unique in the industry, which will deliver 300 shocks or work continuously for 16 hours.

Active Status Indicator
The actively illuminated status indicator shows unit readiness, to ensure that the unit is ready to perform anytime, everytime with the Defibtech Lifeline AED. The highly visible yellow color makes the unit easy to locate and deploy.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Alternate Part Numbers

DCF-100, DCF-110, DDU-100A, 1470010, DCF-100RX, DCF-110RX, DCF-A100-EN, DCF-A110-EN, DCF-A100-RX-EN, DCF-A110-RX-EN, DCF-A120-EN, DCF-A120RX-EN, DCF-A130-EN, DCF-A130RX-EN, DDU-100, DDU-110


• The Defibtech Lifeline AED is designed for speed and simplicity. A calm voice guides the responder step by step while a text display with lights shows the progress. Built to the demanding standards of professional emergency personnel.

• Lightweight and Designed to be Rugged
At just 4.2 pounds a child could carry it. Plus, the Defibtech Lifeline AED is tested to US Military “drop” and shock” specifications.

• Brilliant Design
With its bright yellow and black coloring and attractive, sleek curves, the non-intimidating Defibtech Lifeline AED invites prominent display anywhere.

• Latest Technology
The biphasic defibrillation of the Defibtech Lifeline AED is extremely effective at resuscitating patients in ventricular fibrillation – the most common form of Sudden Cardiac Arrest -on the first shock.

What is included

• New Defibtech Lifeline AED
• 8 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
• 1 Set of Adult electrode pads
• 1 Battery with 5-year warranty
• User Manual
• Quick Reference Card
• Medical Prescription with AED Authorization
• CPR Rescue Kit
• Inspection Tag
• AED Decal
• Free Shipping


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