LIFEPAK 1000 AED Vehicle Mobile Package

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LIFEPAK 1000 AED Vehicle Mobile Value Package

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The LIFEPAK 1000 combines the simplicity of an AED with clear guidance, including onscreen and audio prompts with the flexibility of manual mode operation when indicated. Flexible setup options allow on-screen graphics for the basic rescuer or ECG display and access to manual mode for the more advanced rescuer.

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Weight 20 lbs


• The LIFEPAK 1000 is the toughest, most durable AED from Physio-Control. The device itself withstands rigorous drop-testing from any angle, and is enclosed in a highly protective case with bumpers. In addition, the LIFEPAK 1000 has received an IP55 rating—the highest available AED rating signifying protection from external elements.

• Easy-To-Use AED
Loud voice prompts and on-screen graphics provide guidance on applying electrodes and initiating a shock. Large Display, easy-to-read LCD screen provides more information at a glance. Electrodes are fully compatible with all other LIFEPAK defibrillators and monitors.

• 360 Joules
Can escalate defibrillation power to an industry leading 360J. Like every LIFEPAK defibrillator from Physio-Control, the LIFEPAK 1000 can escalate energy up to 360J. Studies show that for difficult-to-defibrillate patients, repeating 200J shocks yields significantly lower VF termination rates. And the 2010 AHA Guidelines note that rescuers may consider using escalating energy up to 360J if initial shocks at a lower dose aren’t working.

• cprMAX™ Technology
The 1000 features our exclusive cprMAX technology, which gives you the flexibility to choose CPR settings that best accommodate your patient and CPR protocol requirements. The pre-shock CPR option allows adjustment of the CPR interval prior to the first shock, making the LIFEPAK 1000 the only device that minimizes pre-shock pauses by allowing providers to continue compressions while the AED charges. With the LIFEPAK 1000, you have more control over the CPR you provide in lifesaving settings than ever before. Includes CPR Countdown Timer which provides direction for the length of hands-on time for each CPR period based on system protocol.

• ECG Capability
3-lead ECG function is available when needed. The LIFEPAK 1000 is simple to use for any trained responder, but it also provides an easy, highly compatible transition to ALS care teams. The shock counter on the LIFEPAK 1000 gives next level care teams insight into treatment provided. It has an available 3-lead ECG. And its electrodes are the same ones used on LIFEPAK ALS monitors—the brand of choice for more EMS teams across the country.

What is included

• New LIFEPAK 1000 AED
• 1 Hard-Shell, Watertight Case for AED vehicle storage
• 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
• 1 Set of Adult electrode pads
• 1 battery included
• User Manual
• Quick Reference Card
• Carrying Case
• CPR Rescue Kit
• Inspection Tag
• AED Decal
• Free Shipping


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