LIFEPAK CR2 AED Business Value Package

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LIFEPAK CR2 AED Business Value Package

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The LIFEPAK CR2 AED offers AED monitoring with Wi-Fi connectivity. LIFEPAK CR2 AED includes a Language button allows you to switch between English & Spanish with one touch of a button. LIFEPAK CR2 AED includes a Child Mode button allows you to switch from Adult to Child Mode without having to purchase separate pediatric pads.

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Weight 20 lbs


• The LIFEPAK CR2 AED provided Self-Monitoring with Wireless Connectivity. Each LIFEPAK CR2 AED is connected to a Wi-Fi network and alerts you to anything that may affect device readiness all done automatically.

• The LIFEPAK CR2 AED is Ease-To-Use with simple graphics, audible instructions, and automated features to help users remain focused. QUIK-STEP™ electrodes allow the rescuer to peel directly off the base for faster placement. The LIFEPAK CR2 AED is available in fully or semi-automatic models. The LIFEPAK CR2 AED was rated easiest to use, easiest to hear and highest in overall user confidence by AED users.

• To increases survival rates the LIFEPAK CR2 AED provides the right amount of instruction and includes new cprINSIGHT analysis technology. Once CPR begins, cprINSIGHT technology automatically analyzes and detects if a shock is needed. This significantly reduces pauses in chest compressions, even eliminating pauses if the rhythm is determined to be non-shockable. The LIFEPAK CR2 AED is the only AED that allows chest compressions during ECG rhythm analysis, thereby reducing pauses between CPR and defibrillation.

• The LIFEPAK CR2 AED can toggle between English to Spanish with one touch of a Button.

• Child mode with the LIFEPAK CR2 AED delivers lower energy levels appropriate for young children without having to change electrodes.

• The LIFEPAK CR2 AED is very durable and rugged with the highest IP55 rating for challenging environments.

What is included

• 1 Set of Adult/Pediatric electrode pads
• 1 AED Wall Cabinet for AED storage
• 1 AED Wall Sign
• 1 Battery included
• User Manual
• Quick Reference Card
• CPR Rescue Kit
• Inspection Tag
• AED Decal
• Free Shipping


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